Indoor dining

2016 Heirloom Harvest Dinners at Pepperfield Farm

The Pepperfield Project, in collaboration with the Seed Savers Exchange, will be serving a series of three educational heritage dinners again this summer. Each meal will feature many unique varieties gleaned both from SSE’s preservation collection and from listed members in the Yearbook.

Chef Mattias, roundly praised for last year’s meals, returns again this year to surprise us with delicious dishes including this rich heritage, almost all grown in Pepperfield’s garden. The slow-food, several course meals begin at 5:00 pm at Pepperfield Farm, about 4 miles from SSE, but come early to enjoy Pepperfield’s gardens and see these wonderful heirlooms growing.


Meal tickets are $50 paid in advance. Purchase online (buy tickets below), or send a check to Pepperfield, 1575 Manawa Trail road, Decorah.

Please bring your own beverages of choice. Call 563-382- 8833 for further information.


Check the Lodging page for lodging possibilities at the farm.



Saturday, September 3

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The history of Caribbean islands is intimately connected to a number of crops featured in this summer feast, embellished with some of the tropical fruits which we can’t grow here in the “arctic north,” a perfect way to end the day after sampling a rich assortment of heirloom tomatoes at SSE’s iconic Tomato Tasting at Heritage Farm.

Eastern European

Saturday, September 24

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The climates of Russia and the Balkan region are so similar to ours here in the upper Midwest that many of the varieties grown at Pepperfield have come from those regions, all of which are intimately connected to the history of the Seed Savers Exchange as well. We will have a wide range of culinary traditions to choose from, too, so come and be surprised!

Native American

Friday, October 14

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One of the strong suits of SSE’s genetic and cultural preservation efforts, in Heritage Farm’s collections as well as in those of our members, is a rich legacy of native American varieties, especially the Three sisters: beans, squash, and corn. This amazing history has influenced cuisines world-wide. We have chosen to celebrate this important First Nation contribution in conjunction with SSE’s annual Harvest Festival held the following day at Heritage Farm, so come make this an unforgettable harvest weekend.